Need a Hand Fixing Your Computer?

Arrange for hardware or software troubleshooting services in Epsom, Manchester, NH & the entire state of New Hampshire

You just spent hours building your new gaming PC, then when you go to turn it on, nothing. You're probably going to want to pull your hair out, but you should instead call CDU Computer Consulting in Epsom, Manchester, NH & the entire state of New Hampshire. We provide hardware troubleshooting services and can help you get your computer and other devices up and running over the phone or in person.

Contact us today to arrange for hardware troubleshooting services. We pride ourselves on responding to requests quickly, so you can get back to business in no time.

We can help you manage and install software

If your computer is running slow, there's no telling what the issue could be. If you want to restore your computer quickly, you'll need to arrange for software troubleshooting services. Turn to us for assistance. We can help you:

  • Remove viruses
  • Set up software
  • Update your computer
  • Find downloads

You can trust us to tune up your computer and get it back in its best condition. Get in touch with us to learn more about our software troubleshooting services.